Anime Defenders codes June 2024

Anime Defenders codes June 2024

Anime Defenders, the most recent and most extensive anime video game, was released last weekend in June, and we provide all the necessary resources for you to excel in it. Get ready for the highly-anticipated tower defence game with a unique twist-Anime Defenders is finally here, bringing the world of anime to life in a thrilling gaming experience! Enter Anime Defenders’ enchanted world and summon your favourite heroes! Utilising the unique abilities of your powerful units, defend yourself from waves upon waves of opponents!

Anime Defenders codes are popping up everywhere as this new adventure gains likes and player count. They used to give out less diamonds, but now they’re giving out more. Use them to farm Infinite mode for more units of higher tiers. Gems, the in-game currency provided by Roblox Anime Defenders coupons, can be used strategically to call and unlock more units. These units, once unlocked, can be deployed to strengthen your fortress’s defences, thereby enhancing your game play and progression in the game.

Our goal with these Anime Defenders cheats is to make playing the Roblox tower defence game easier. You will have to erect armies and defences to protect your belongings, much as in earlier games of a similar kind. And as the name implies, there are many well-loved anime characters to help. These characters, if used strategically and assuming you have enough in-game money to use them, can significantly boost your defences and help you progress in the game.

Immerse yourself in the world of beloved anime series as you assemble a force of heroes in the Roblox tower defence game Anime Defenders. These heroes, inspired by Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Bleach, will help you ward off the onslaughts of enemies, fighting on many worlds and navigating a neon-lit centre city. Empower your game play by gathering Gems, the currency required to call new heroes, with the help of Anime Defenders codes. These codes, shared by the game’s designer on official social media, can provide you with a generous amount of free Gems, saving you time and getting you back to the exciting tasks of summoning and fighting.

All working Anime Defenders codes

200kholymoly1000 gems
adontop250 gems
subcool50 gems
sub2toadboigaming50 gems
sub2mozking50 gems
sub2karizmaqt50 gems
sub2jonaslyz50 gems
sub2riktime50 gems
sub2nagblox50 gems

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Launch the Anime Defenders from Roblox

Get all the way to level eight in the game.

Anime Defenders codes

  • Start up the Anime Defenders game.
  • Press the three-dot button when you reach the hub city.
  • Find the “…” button on the top left of the page and click on it.
  • Select “Codes” from the submenu. Pick the “</> codes” choice.
  • Insert an AD code that works.
  • Select the “Redeem” button.

When you enter the Anime Defenders codes correctly, the awards will be displayed in your account right away. Be quick to get to the summon pool so you can start deleting units as the gem counter rises. Complete challenging levels or flaunt your skills in unlimited mode!

What are the Anime Defenders Codes?

Unlock the characters of your dreams in Anime Defenders with the help of special codes. These codes, introduced by Small World Games x Anime Defenders, not only add to the game’s aesthetics but also celebrate milestones. Don’t miss out on these amazing freebies-keep checking back with us!

How to get extra Anime Defenders codes?

The Anime Defenders Discord is a vibrant community where you can find fresh codes. Engage in conversations with fellow players who might have discovered secret codes, or even interact directly with the developers. It’s a place where you can truly feel part of the Anime Defenders world.

We get our Anime Defenders codes straight off the Discord server to guarantee their legitimacy. We do this to benefit those without platform access.

Following are some easy ways to keep obtaining gems:

  • Finish the Daily Chores.
  • Benefits from First Time Manifest to start over.
  • Use codes, please.
  • To the AFK Zone go.
  • Test out Infinite Mode.

The creators noted players’ displeasure with the game’s early hours of release and the challenge of getting gems. Their fix was to increase the number of diamonds that could be won in Infinite Mode by a factor of ten to:

Prices of gems for quests in infinite mode

  • After fifteen waves, get every 200 gems.
  • After thirty waves, get 150 gems instead of 300.
  • Gem drops in infinite mode are 350 more than 500.

Fifty Waves finished:

  • Through Waves 10–20 > 40
  • Overall, Waves 20–90 is more significant than 150.
  • Proceed to Wave 480 > 600.


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