Less than 2% of Starfield mods on the Creations store cost money paid mods total cost

Less than 2% of Starfield mods on the Creations store cost money paid mods total cost

Concerns about paid Starfield mods paid mods total cost have increased since Bethesda’s Creations store opened, although the majority of developers are choosing not to charge for their work.

It appears that those who were worried that the Bethesda RPG would see a plethora of expensive Starfield mods after the Creations store opened are in the minority. The possibility for modders to set a real-money price for their creations in the new modding store has caused a great deal of controversy and dismay within the community, but the majority of creators are choosing not to use this feature.

Over the last two weeks, Starfield’s Steam review score has drastically declined, hitting a “mixed” 59% overall and a “mostly negative” 24% for recent reviews. This comes after the release of the Creations shop, a Bethesda utility meant to speed up and simplify the sharing and downloading of the greatest Starfield mods. Since its Sunday, June 9 launch, the space game has accumulated just under 1,000 mods.

Even though a lot of these mods are free, there has been opposition to paid mods in Starfield due to the option to set a price on others using Creation Credits, a Bethesda currency that can be purchased with real money. But in spite of the ensuing fear, almost anything on the Creations shop may be downloaded.

The fine folks over at dedicated database StarfieldDB have done the numbers, and it turns out that, about three weeks after its release, the Creations store has 938 modules for download, with only 18 of them requiring Creation Credits to utilise. That suggests that less than 2% of mod creators have chosen to charge for their efforts.

paid mods total cost

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What is the cost of each paid modification for Starfield?

StarfieldDB states that 7,300 Creation Credits are required to purchase them all in paid mods total cost. That will cost you $74.85 / £74.85 if you buy the 500 Credits pack, or $74.98 / £64.98 if you buy the larger Credits bundles, leaving you with an extra 900 Credits.

paid mods total cost

That means if you want to buy everything that is now on sale for real money on the Creations store for paid mods total cost, you will pay slightly more but not much more than the $69.99 / £59.99 price for the main game. Naturally, these are still in the early phases. Only time will tell whether there will be a bump when the game’s first DLC, reddit Starfield Shattered Space, hits shop shelves.

Furthermore, the game is currently 33% reduced on Steam through paid mods total cost Thursday, July 11; the ordinary version will cost $46.89 / £40.19, while the digital premium edition will cost $69.99 / £60.19. You can play for free if you currently have a PC Game Pass subscription.




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