Honkai Star Rail codes For June 2024

Honkai Star Rail codes For June 2024

Seeking the most recent codes for Honkai, Including free starry jade and other goods, our list of all the new Honkai Star Rail codes delivers the newest live stream prizes. Our list of the latest redeem codes that were release in course of the latest Honkai Star Rail live streams provide you with lots of stuff like official jade and a lot more.
In this list, there is a collection of all the new Honkai Star Rail codes that were compiled in order to rescue and acquire new astral adventurers. Whoever loves to explore the galaxy, now garner hoards of raw materials for crafting or converting to credits, or roam the rift through a different level series, this handy guide is their best friend to check back often not miss a new item.
Race Clicker codes
Roblox Image Race Clicker codes

Honkai Star Rail Codes are a quick way to get Stellar Jade besides fighting through the chests, or The Forgotten Hall. Besides, you can use Simulated Universe completions to obtain the same thing with less endeavour. Just head to the mailbox and paste the codes into the box, and the jades will fly in and head straight to your postbox for you to use on warping for new characters.

Like Genshin, you have to wait a day for the live stream Honkai Star Rail Codes to go away after they are done (expired). By the way, the best way for you to get the free Stellar Jade in Stellar Blade is the addition of a lottery. Be sure to keep an eye on these web links as codes are known to drop from time to time because of the release of new characters, special offers or just about anytime a new term version is out. This website is an option too.

Honkai Star Rail Codes, that is, live stream pass codes if provided. One of the most essential info is that live stream codes don’t usually last more than 24 hours so you should indeed take them as soon as they become available. I’ll also include the instructions on how to cash in the gift cards in a step-by-step guide below.

Here are all of the new Honkai Star Rail codes:

If you want to know which figures you should be charging the free HSR sparkling jade on, try our Honkai Star Rail rankings and Honkai Star Rail banner tips. Moreover, we added an article that you should not miss about Honkai Star Rail latest update, also the ongoing and upcoming event.

HSRGFN24Three traveler’s guides, three refined aether, and 30k credits (new!)
LOVEFROMROBINThree firmament notes and 10k credits
VAJEGY4MNMDK50 stellar jade and 10k credits
0327CARNIVALTwo sour dreams soft candy and 5k credits
HSR1YEAROne all or nothing and 5k credits
STARRAILGIFT50 stellar jade, 10k credits, two traveler’s guides, and five bottled soda

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We added the 2.1 livestream codes to our list

The broadcast codes for Honkai Star Rail 2.2 are no longer valid. Check back in a few weeks for the Honkai Star Rail 2.3 broadcast codes!

Which way do I use to redeem my Honkai Star Rail Codes?

The redeem code for the Honkai Star Rail is very simple. Just follow these steps and you will surely be the player of the game.

  • Please go the the Honkai Star Rail redeem code website.
  • Log into under the guise of your Hoyoverse credentials.
  • Select your server
  • Redeem your code by pasting it into the corresponding area.
  • Hit redeem
    Go to your mail box inside the game (email) and finally enjoy the compensation! Now it is Honkai Star Rail Codes your turn to log in to your Game mailbox to collect these gifts.
Which ways do I use for the acquisition of the star poetry, which I need for upgrades?
Chests can be opened indulgently in in-game to multiply the coming free stellar jade these are quests you may complete during play that can be accomplished outside the game on the digital platform and be exchanged for stellar jade. Finish the U.S. in Honkai Star Rail S.U. and with prize points, you can buy the cup collection.
 Fall back on your resources of perseverance and make it through as many difficult levels of Forgotten Hall, honkai star rail as you can and get extra stellar jades by completing tasks within a set number of turns. They just casually drop the forgotten Hall, on a rotational basis but after every 6 weeks (not less than 1 month), the Pure Fiction ones stay the same.
Race Clicker codes
Roblox Image Race Clicker codes

The triple combat mode- Forgotten Hall, you can clear out different levels as you gain a lot of prizes in the end. More than the Pure Fiction there are keeps the rewards and enemies refreshing after each successive 6th week, 2 of which are evenly distributed with the Forgotten Halls. Honkai Star Rail codes discord find the Honkai Star Rail trotters, which are threat to the galactic peace.

When you lose, respectively, each one gives you 60 sparkling jade apocryphal. Finishing every other one of your daily things to receive one of simpler jades without any doubts – there you go! Register in the numerous limited-time activities and make out with a mound of gifts, the best of these being the prizes star jade.

What are Honkai Star Rail’s promo codes?
HSR codes for you are here, they make you very happy because you get something free to play new characters and also buy some credit(s) to purchase something. Overseer has the shooting out the codes when they are approximately six weeks in Genshin Impact, while for facebook Honkai Star Rail we are hoping to see the codes too.  We’ve already shared with you all the active Honkai Star Rail Codes, but check back later, as we will be updating the guide periodically.


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