Anime Clicker Fight Codes For March 2024

Anime Clicker Fight Codes For March 2024

Before you stands a long row of warriors. In the game Anime Clicker Fight, you should arm yourself with sword or shuriken and fight as many of them as possible. The deeper into the path, you go, the more cash that will become available to allow for greater investment in upgrades of items and hero gear. Do you make it to the end and open a new path? They may provide you with powerful warriors who will fight for you in battles or increase your speed and gold booster that can be activated from the Shop Basket by using the codes below.

Anime Clicker Fight Codes
Anime Clicker Fight image Roblox


All Anime Clicker Fight Codes

We have a comprehensive list of all the latest and functional Roblox Anime Clicker Fight codes, which can be used to unlock in-game goodies!

Codes Rewards Status
210KLIKES Gold Boost (New) Working
BUNNY Bunny Immortal Pet Working
TITAN Small Luck Boost Working
DRAGON Small Money Boost and Small Luck Boost Working
UPDATE2 Two x1.25 15-minute ATK boosts and two x1.25 15-minute Gold boosts Working
5KLIKES Free Warrior Working
ONEPIECE One x1.25 15-minute Gold boost Working
RUSHRUSH One x1.25 15-minute Gold boost Working
MASK One x1.25 15-minute Gold boost Working
BLEACHUPDATE7 Free boosts Working
STANDPOWER Free boosts Working
KONODIODA Small Money Boost Working
UPDATE6 Small Money Boost Working
SASUKE Wheel Spin Working
SHIPPUDEN Small Money Boost Working
BLEACH Small Money Boost Working
GETSUGATENSHOU Small Money Boost Working
MIDORIYALZUKU Small Money Boost Working
ACADEMIA Small Money Boost Working
LIBERTY Small Money Boost Working
EREN Small Money Boost Working
SWEETHOME Small Money Boost Working
NINJAPLACE Small Money Boost Working
HERO Free boosts Working
MERRYCHRISTMAS 600 Christmas Presents Working
ONEPUNCH Free boosts Working
SAITAMA Free boosts Working
UPDATE5 Free boosts Working
WELFARE1 Bunny Pet Working
WELFARE2 Super Lucky Boost Working
WELFARE3 Bunny Pet Working
ALLBLUE Free reward Working
DRAGON Small Money Boost Working
DRAGONBALL Small Money Boost Working
MASK Small Money Boost Working
RUSHRUSH Small Money Boost Working
ONEPIECE Small Money Boost Working
5KLIKES Free hero Working
UPDATE2 Free boost Working


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Anime Clicker Fight FAQ

Here’s what you should know about the codes in Anime Clicker Fight.

Anime Clicker Fight Codes
Anime Clicker Fight image Roblox
  • Redeem Anime Clicker Fight codes
  • It is easy to redeem codes for free rewards in the Anime Clicker Fight game.
  • Within the game, click on Cog located to the left of your screen.
  • In the Settings window that shows up, type in exactly what you find from above under Enter Code Here box.
  • Press the ‘pink tick’ button next to the text box and you will claim your reward!

What are the ways in which one may obtain more Anime Clicker Fight codes?

We periodically update here any Anime Clicker Fight codes sent out to our warriors. However, if you are interested in fighting for your codes on Roblox then join the Anime Clicker fight discord channel and also click here to access BestBunny Room Group.

Why do my codes for Anime Clicker Fight not work?

If you lose due to any of the Anime Clicker Fight codes, ensure that an error was not made in typing. We have a complete list of all the latest and working Roblox Anime Clicker Fight codes will provide you free rewards in the game.

Roblox Anime Clicker Fight is an experience created by BestBunny for use on the platform. In this game, you will be clicking as fastas possible to improve the speed. In due time, you will then race into a battle against multiple foes from different anime universes! Attempt to live and get as far away as possible. Try to be the best racer in the leaderboards!

Anime Clicker Fight Codes
Anime Clicker Fight image Roblox
Speed is the key

When you begin a rush, you will see the appearance of a red bar that drops and builds at the end of your screen. This determines how much time you will spend to run, and if disappears entirely your speed is going down until the end of rushing. If possible, try to keep it by not immediately going up against an enemy (specifically one that requires a long time before capable of being defeated such as bosses). Try to stagger your approach in an effort to keep the timer running. As a shortcut, you’ll hit faster at close range so once slowed it is useful to get closer by using this trick.

Anime Clicker Fight: What Is It?

In the anime-themed clicker game Anime Clicker Fight, you must fight adversaries on a road to gain gold. You may then use this gold to purchase warriors to accompany you into combat, which will improve your damage. Every road concludes with a large boss that, once vanquished, lets you proceed to the next route to take on more formidable foes.

Anime Clicker Fight Codes
Anime Clicker Fight image Roblox
Where can I find more Anime Clicker Fight codes?

Make sure to join the game’s official Discord server to receive news and updates as well as to interact with other players in order to find more codes. If not, be sure to check back often as we will be adding the most latest codes to this wiki!

Anime Clicker Fight Codes

However if you are into freebies, then look no further than the Anime Clicker Fight codes list. If you don’t know how to redeem, we gotcha covered. Below in the FAQ is where you will find out how to do so! Bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or use the Add to bookmark button in our mobile site.



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