Tarisland tier list July 2024

Tarisland tier list July 2024

You can choose your perfect class and learn about their functions and roles in the battlefield with the aid of our helpful Tarisland tier list.

It would help if you battled evil enemies when exploring planet Taris, but our Tarisland tier list is here to help you in your travels. We’ve compiled a summary of each class’s capabilities below if you’re curious about how they fit into your gathering. We’ll update our tier list with any buffs or nerfs these classes may receive as developer Level Infinite updates the game.

Tarisland tier list

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Tarisland tier list

All of the Tarisland classes have Tarisland tier list distinct specialisations, which means that some are more appropriate for particular scenarios, such as arena fights than for overcoming challenging dungeons.

Which classes are there in Tarisland?

These are the various classes in Tarisland and the roles that best fit them. Remember that Tarisland tier list every role has two possible outcomes, one of which can suit your chosen playing style. Nevertheless, they essentially play the same role.

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Barbarian: melee and tank damage
Because of their tank qualities and cleave damage, Tarisland tier list the Barbarian’s freezing and thunder routes are excellent choices for any fight zone. Barbarians also supply aoE attacks and raid enhancements to your group.
Bard, DPS and healer

No, they don’t sing or play lutes; these bards boost your team, burst damage, and either individual or group healing.
Mage: long-range DPS
Despite their relatively low protection, the Mage can do much damage with their frost and flame abilities. They will be your party’s DPS, so bring a tank and a healer.

Paladin: DPS and tank
Although they can also be good DPS options, paladins are Tarisland’s greatest tanks. They are able to defend your squad, heal themselves during combat, and provide your group various boosts.
Phantom Necro: a ranged DPS and healer

Although it isn’t the strongest, the Phantom Necro class can do some AoE damage. Unless you have another healer in your party, we advise using them as healers instead.
Priest, DPS, and healer
With AoE healing available for your whole team, the Priest is the greatest healer choice in Tarisland. Though it’s generally more practical to use them as a healer and buffer, you can also build them as a DPS if you’d like.
Ranger: DPS with a range

Ranged – ranger DPS
Rangers are damage dealers; their mobility makes them your most excellent option if you want to hit targets farther away. They’re fantastic for exploring as well.
DPS’s Shadow Swordsman

Tarisland tier list

As the name implies, the Shadow Swordsman has a ten-second particular stealth mechanic he can use in battle. The Swordsman class is also known as the “rogue” class. You can take the Duel path, which employs burst attacks, or concentrate on poisons and damage over time.

Warrior: melee and tank DPS Warriors are excellent damage dealers who are only surpassed in power by Barbarians. In addition to nearly continuous damage, this class can also grant your group bonuses.

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