How To Get Ponies In Adopt Me

How To Get Ponies In Adopt Me

Adopt Me reveals how to get all four ponies at the Summer State Fair!  How To Get Ponies In Adopt Me Adopt Me’s Summer State Fair offers pony adoptions. Four is possible, although it’s more complicated than other pets. Learn how to acquire them below.

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How To Get Ponies In Adopt Me
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The State Fair: Adopt Me for Ponies (How To Get Ponies In Adopt Me)

You can only get ponies in Adopt Me! At the Summer State Fair, level up your Ponies Pass. The Speedy Stables minigame levels this pass.

Leveling up the Pony Pass unlocks pony varieties like:

Pony Pass LevelReward
10Show Pony – Common
16Show Pony – Common
20Show Pony – Common
24Show Pony – Common
25Rare Punk Pony
29Show Pony – Common
32Show Pony – Common
35Pretty Pony – Ultra Rare
36Show Pony – Common
38Show Pony – Common
39Rare Punk Pony
41Show Pony – Common
44Show Pony – Common
47Show Pony – Common
48Rare Punk Pony
49Pretty Pony – Ultra Rare
50Legendary Majestic Pony
  • Pony Pass levels 10, 16, 20, 24, 29, 32, 36, 38, 41, 44, and 47 unlock Show Pony – Common.
  • Rare Punk Pony unlocks at Pony Pass levels 25, 39, and 48.
  • Unlock Pretty Pony – Ultra Rare at Pony Pass levels 35 & 49.
  • Legendary Majestic Pony unlocks at Pony Pass level 50.

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Speedy Stables lets you care for ponies alone or with two others. You gain How To Get Ponies In Adopt Me experience by feeding and watering them. Playing requires a Stable Token. These tokens are automatically awarded daily and every 40 minutes of play. Robux can be used to buy token bundles.

Find hay, carrots, and water in Speedy Stables. Ponies will show their preferred food or water icon. After using the water buckets, refill them at the center well before giving them to other ponies.


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