Anime Fighters Simulator Codes for March 2024

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes for March 2024

Tokens, Boosts, & Dungeon Resets! Our Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes list has all the strong game codes. You can use these to increase Yen and Luck by a lot!

In Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator (AFS) you will be finding new heroes to join and help in battles with enemies while exploring the world. You can gather these fighters to become more powerful and discover new places. These new places will have extra fighters you can get and join your group to make it stronger.

If you want free stuff, find them with our list of Anime Fighters Simulator codes. We have all the latest codes that are active and working right now, listed for you. If you don’t know how to use codes in Anime Fighters Simulator, check the instructions below under where the code list is! Remember to save this page by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or use the Add Bookmark button on mobile.

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes List

Codes Reward Status
AFS2024! Transfer Tokens, Shiny Boosts, Super Lucky Boosts, and Grimoire Tokens Working
HappyChristmas! Shiny Pots, Transfer Tokens, and Grimoire Tokens Working
DelayApology 5 Passive Transfer Tokens, 5 Shiny Potions, 4 Grimoire Tokens Working
Update51 3 Shiny Boosts Working
SuperApology 6 Passive Transfer Tokens Working
DelayUPD51 2 Grimoire Tokens Working
Pregame_U8zKL 10 Passive Transfer Tokens / 2 Shiny Boosts, 2 Super Drop Boosts Working
TRANSFERS! Free rewards (NORMAL) Working
SHINIES! Free rewards (HARDCORE) Working
ZnxCvb9 5 Passive Transfer Tokens, 2 Super Drop Boosts / 2 Super Damage Boosts, 2 Super Luck Boosts Working
SorryForBugs +2 Super Luck Boosts / +2 Super Drops Boosts (NORMAL / HARDCORE) Working
AFSUpd50 Free rewards (NORMAL) Working
2DaMoon Free rewards (HARDCORE) Working
@brandonha_0210 x2 Passive Transfer Token, Super Drop Boost, Super Luck Boost, and Super Time Boost Working
CastlevaniaHype Free rewards Working
Update49 Free rewards Working
!Update48! Free rewards Working
HAPPYHALLOWEEN Free rewards Working
DelayedHalloween Free rewards Working
!Update47! Free rewards Working
!Update46! Free rewards Working
1MILLIONLIKES! 10 Passive Transfer Tokens + 1 Super Drop Boost Working
SorryUpdate46! 5 Passive Transfer Tokens + 2 Super Time Boosts Working
UPDATE45! 5 Passive Transfer Tokens Working
SuperTime 1 Super Time Boost Working
CommunityDecision 2 Passive Transfer Tokens Working
SorryForDelay!!! 2 Transfer Tokens Working
Update44Released 1 Super Time Boost Working
Kekeke 2 Time Boost, 1 Transfer Token, and 1 Drop Boost Working
QOLChanges! Dungeon CD Reset & 1 Time Boost & 1 Passive Transfer Token Working
Update44! +1 Passive Transfer Token Working
QOL Patch Free rewards Working
DungeonCDRESET Free rewards Working
Update41 Free rewards Working
SaopauloW Free rewards Working
ResetDungeonCD Free dungeon reset Working
BlastOff2023 +1 Super Time Boost , +1 Super Luck Boost Working
BuffPatch Free rewards Working
Update40! Free rewards Working
Summer2023! +2 Summer 2023 Passive Reroll Tokens Working
InfiniteBalance Super Drop Boost Working
INFINITYpatch +15 Minutes Luck Boost, +2 Clone Tokens, +1 Avatar Coin, & Dungeon Reset Working
SorryDelay +2 Clone Tokens and +1 Dungeon Reset Working
UPD37! +2 Avatar Coins, +1 Dungeon Summon, +1 Dungeon Reset Working
DungeonRecovery Dungeon Cooldown Reset, +2 Dungeon Token, +1 Shiny Boost, +1 Luck Boost Working
DataFixed? 2 Avatar Coins Working
100KPlayers 3 Clone Tokens Working
BrazilOnTOP 3 Avatar Coins Working
KingIsBack +15 minutes Luck boost Working
25kPlayers! Boosts and rewards Working
SubToFminusmic Boosts and rewards Working
CALEBSHELLO Boosts and rewards Working
!BOSSSTUDIO! Boosts and rewards Working
AFSComeback Boosts and rewards Working
BillionVisits Boosts and rewards Working
TheAbyss Boosts and rewards Working
Insane1Million Boosts and rewards Working
WorldAtWar Boosts and rewards Working
UpdateDelaySad Boosts and rewards Working
DungeonRefund3 Dungeon ticket Working
SummerEvent2 Boosts and rewards Working
DungeonRefund2 Dungeon ticket Working
DungeonRefund Dungeon ticket Working
SummerEvent Boosts and rewards Working
MiniUpdatePog Boosts and rewards Working
SoulAcademy Boosts and rewards Working
Thanks900k Rewards Working
Sulley1M Boosts Working
1MilFaves Free boosts Working

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Anime Fighters Simulator FAQ

How can I use Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

You just need to go into Anime Fighters Simulator and find the Twitter button on one side of your screen. Press it and this will open a window to use the code. Take one of the codes from our list, put it in the box and press redeem to get your prize!

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

How can I get more Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

To find more codes, make sure to follow BronzePiece, Daireb and Nycto_Phobiac on Twitter. They are the people who made this game. You can also join the official AFS Discord to find out about news and future changes. Otherwise, we will be changing this website with all the newest codes. So remember to keep that page saved!

These are all the codes we currently have for Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator. If you find one we haven’t included, please tell us in the comments so we can add it right away!


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