Anime Fantasy codes July 2024

Anime Fantasy codes July 2024

To help you climb the leaderboard and win the game, use these Roblox Anime Fantasy tickets to stock up on gems, reroll tokens, and more.

Anime Fantasy codes
Image Credit Roblox Anime Fantasy

Are you trying to find new codes for Anime Fantasy? You are, in fact, in the proper place. If your goal is to top the scoreboard in this Roblox tower defense game with an anime theme, we have an abundance of free gems, reroll tokens, and other awards up for grabs.

We have a ton of Roblox coupons available for grabs, including our Project Mugetsu and Blox Fruits codes, among many others, if you’re looking for even more freebies. To create the greatest teams in town, use our Blox Fruit and Anime Fantasy tier lists if you’re stuck on what to do with all those freebies.

Working Anime Fantasy codes

10MVISITSTHANKU!Free in-game rewardsRequires level four
9MVISITS1k gems and 75 RRRequires level five
Diablo100 RR and 2k gemsRequires level eight
Purge25 RR and 1k gemsRequires level eight
UpdPointFive250 gems
SorryForManyBugsWeAreStillFixPleaseGiveUsTimeFree gemsRequires level eight
SorryforDelay12k gems, ten reroll tokens, two super lucky
Likes10k1k gems and one reroll token
Visit5M500 gems, five reroll tokens
WelcomeToMie250 gems
SorryforShutdown2New2k gems and five reroll tokensRequires level five
Discord50kNew1k gems and five reroll tokensRequires level five
IloveKeenNew500 gems
Visit2MNew500 gems
CodeGlitchedNew1k gems
Sub2AekZaJuniorTwo reroll tokensRequires level five
Sub2JetozaTwo reroll tokensRequires level five
Sub2RikTimeTwo reroll tokensRequires level five
ShadowMonarch350 gems
Release350 gems

Anime Fantasy codes: what are they?

Xestreas, the developer, offers freebies called Anime Fantasy coupons to aid you in your journey. Typically, these codes provide helpful in-game goodies like boosts, reroll tokens, and gems, all of which can assist you in attracting even more formidable units to bolster your squad. But remember that there are Anime Fantasy codes that require you to be a specific level (usually five or eight).

How can I obtain more codes for Anime Fantasy?

The most convenient method to stay updated about all the new Anime Fantasy codes is to return often and allow us to handle it for you! We keep a regular eye out for fresh freebies and promptly add them to our list. In addition, to stay up to date on the newest developments, you can join the Xestreas Roblox club and the Anime Fantasy Discord.

Anime Fantasy codes
Image Credit Roblox Anime Fantasy

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Does Trello have an anime fantasy?

A tier list, NPCs, troops, and other useful information about the game’s mechanics may all be found on the official Anime Fantasy Trello.

Anime Fantasy codes
Image Credit Roblox Anime Fantasy

As of right now, those are the only Anime Fantasy codes available. Visit our list of the top Roblox games if you’re seeking for even more adventures to go on. If you’re more interested in freebies, we also have such available, such as our Honkai Star Rail codes.



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