Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass – All Level Rewards

Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass – All Level Rewards

This guide reveals everything about Adopt Me’s Summer State Fair Pony Pass!
The Summer State Fair in Adopt Me introduces Speedy Stables, a minigame. This minigame refills your Pony Pass. This guide covers the Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass – All Level Rewards, its rewards, and Speedy Stables.

Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass – All Level Rewards

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Our detailed tutorials on All New Pets Coming in the Summer State Fair Event 2024, Pet Plane Strollers, and Betta Fish can also help you understand pets and the fair.

Stable Tokens in Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass – All Level Rewards Me unlock the Pony Pass, a tiered reward system based on Speedy Stables minigame experience. Experience from minigame tasks unlocks rewards as you move through the pass. See below for awards.

1500 Tickets
2600 Tickets
3600 Tickets
41,000 Tickets
5Age Up Potion
61,000 Tickets
71,000 Tickets
82,000 Tickets
91,000 Tickets
10Show Pony
111,250 Tickets
121,250 Tickets
133,000 Tickets
141,250 Tickets
15Age Up Potion
16Show Pony
171,500 Tickets
181,500 Tickets
193,500 Tickets
201,500 Tickets
21Show Pony
222,000 Tickets
232,000 Tickets
24Show Pony
25Punk Pony
262,000 Tickets
272,000 Tickets
286,000 Tickets
29Show Pony
302,000 Tickets
312,750 Tickets
32Show Pony
332,750 Tickets
342,750 Tickets
35Pretty Pony
36Show Pony
377,000 Tickets
38Show Pony
39Punk Pony
402,750 Tickets
41Show Pony
423,000 Tickets
433,000 Tickets
44Show Pony
453,000 Tickets
4610,000 Tickets
47Show Pony
48Punk Pony
49Pretty Pony
50Majestic Pony

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Happy update! Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass minigame Speedy Stables debuts this week! Level up in the Pony Pass to unlock four new Ponies and win Betta Fish by tossing a ball. Do you hear a Kazoo in the distance? Speedy Stables requires you and two other players to feed Ponies carrots, water, and hay. Once content, the ponies play in the pasture! More happy ponies mean more Pony Pass XP.

A player creates a lobby with a Stable Token and invites two local players or friends, unlike most Adopt Me minigames, which involve a countdown in Adopt Me Summer State Fair Pony Pass.

Speedy Stables delivers Pony Pass experience, which awards Fair Tickets, AgeUp potions, and four new Pony variants.


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